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July 4th BBQ Update

A quick one here.

I did indeed BBQ over the 4th. What kind of American would I be if I didn’t? I initially just planned on burgers. The fam wanted burgers, and that seemed nice, simple, and lowkey.

But then I went to the store to get the ground beef (my personal stockpile was basically out). Braving the masses of 3rd of July crowds, I got my burger meat, replenished my supply of catering tins, got some mushrooms to saut√© for those burgers…

…and then I saw brisket. Prime brisket, to be exact. It looked delicious. I said to myself, “Self, you know what would be really good on that burger? Some slices of brisket.” I told myself that was a great idea and bought the brisket.

I started it at about 11pm that night so it would be plenty ready by 3pm the next day. I immediately noticed a problem when trimming the brisket; the flat had almost no fat going through it. The point looked good, but had the crap hacked out of it. But whatever. What are you gonna do, right?

I’m not gonna get into my process here. I’ll save that for late. I also forgot to take pics as I went through. But here are two pics from the point AFTER we’d eaten, and I cut the rest up for throwing in the fridge:

As you can see, the point turned out great. Those pics are after it had been sitting around. The flat tasted great, was perfectly tender, but dry. There just wasn’t enough fat marbled through it. But, it doesn’t really matter. We were all throwing it on burgers anyway. Here is a pic of the messy, yet delicious burger:

Smoked burger. Then a slice of colby jack and a slice of havarti. Then slices of brisket. Then a slice of colby jack. then mushrooms. Then another slice of havarti. Tiny bit of ketchup. Tasted wonderful. Was very rich.

As much as I like brisket, I gotta say, I’m kinda tired of the randomness. I buy a prime brisket, and it has no fat in the flat. I buy a choice brisket that somehow is better than prime. To be honest, I’m rather tired of it. This is why I like cooking pork shoulder more, and why I’d much rather just have tri-tip. Or even ribs. Oh well. What are you gonna do?

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