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Current Projects

Just as a quick update, I figured I talk about the status of the various projects I’m currently working on.

  1. RESIDUE – Revised Edition – If you didn’t know, I got the rights back to Residue. After doing so, I decided I should give it a facelift. I’m a different (and, hopefully, better) author now. So I went through every line and changed, fixed, and enhanced them. I added a ton. I aged up the characters from 17 to 19. The story hasn’t changed. But the whole product is cleaner. STATUS: Turned in for edits.
  2. PARASITE – This is the sequel to Residue. Doing a revised edition of that novel meant I had to make changes to Parasite. So I did. Nothing crazy. The story is the same as it has been for the last few drafts of it. STATUS: Turned in for edits.
  3. CATALYST – The final book in the Jack Bishop series (Residue, Parasite). STATUS: Not much to say here. I know how the book and series ends, but I haven’t written it yet. This will be my project after the sequel to Servants of War.
  4. Winnie the Pooh Horror Story – This is a short story for the anthology The Horror at Pooh Corner that was on Kickstarter earlier this year. STATUS: I’m writing it right now. So far so good!
  5. NEW ARCADIA – The first of my collaborations with M.A. Rothman. These are Technothrillers starring the character Alicia Yoder. She is the daughter of Levi Yoder, the main character from Rothman’s eponymous series. STATUS: The draft of book one is basically done.
  6. OPERATION THRALL – Book 2 in the Alicia Yoder series. STATUS: First draft is basically done. Once New Arcadia is completed and edited, any changes we make will get rolled forward into Operation Thrall.
  7. VATICAN FILES – Book 3 in the Alicia Yoder series. STATUS: Mike and I are going to outline this completely when we are at a convention together in Vegas in November.
  8. INSTRUMENTS OF VIOLENCE – Age of Ravens Book 2 – I’m listening to the audio book again to get a feel for all the characters, and to take a ton of notes. These notes will turn into scenes that will fill out spaces in the outline Larry Correia and I have already put together. STATUS: This book will be done by the end of the year.
  9. IN THE GUTTERS OF PROVIDENCE – A Sword & Sorcery novella I wrote earlier this year. STATUS: It’s in queue for edits from the editor Alan Bahr (Gallant Knight Games) chose for it.
  10. ON THE DEVIL’S SIDE – aka Werewolf Cop – I written the first short story in this world called “A Devil’s Bargain” which is set to release in January 2024, I believe. I really looking forward to writing the book. I’ll either write this novel after finishing the Jack Bishop series or…
  11. …CALL OF THE VOID – This is my Science Fiction novel that is my love letter to Alien and Gundam. This book is already half-written.
  12. OTHER STUFF – I have a billion other things going on. Between the WriterDojo, and Diamond Editions of Christopher Ruocchio’s series, I’m slammed. But all that means is a lot of stuff coming your way!

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